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    February 10, 2016

    Why You Might Need to Repipe Your Home’s Plumbing If your home was built with galvanized pipes, it might be time to think about a repipe. A lot of homes in Florida were constructed using galvanized plumbing which can erode and rust after an extended period of time. This is due to the contact your […]

    January 11, 2016

    A slab leak refers to a leak in your plumbing system under your concrete slab or houses foundation. In short it means your plumbing is leaking under your property foundation. It is important to catch a slab leak early on before it causes much more damage to your home and costs you much more money […]

    December 9, 2015

    Did you know that a running toilet can waste as much as 21,600 gallons of water per month and $2,100 per year? Hidden leaks around the house or in exterior infrastructure can drain your water supply and cost you big bucks on monthly bills. If you suspect a leak, follow these steps to figure out […]

    November 12, 2015

    Did you know that your water meter can help you determine if you have a water leak in your home? Follow this easy 6 step process to see if you have a water leak in your home. 1. Make sure all of your water-consuming appliances are turned off and closed tightly. This includes ice-makers in […]

    October 23, 2015

    So, did you turn on your water faucet just to watch the water slowly come out? Or did it twice as long to wash your hair or fill up the tub? Thankfully, there are ways to solve your plumbing woes. Before you start snooping around you should know what can cause low water pressure in […]

    September 28, 2015

    Did you know that the busiest day of the year for plumbers is the day after Thanksgiving? This holiday season you may have multiple guest over for dinner, a large Thanksgiving dinner party, or out of town family and friends who come to stay for an extended period of time. Sometimes these visitors can cause […]

    September 18, 2015

    There are many different products available for use in the plumbing trade. These products can range from harmful, to questionable to necessary. There is also a lot of confusion about which product to use, when to use it, and where to use it. Sometimes in the plumbing profession, things go smoothly, and according to plan. […]

    August 3, 2015

    A Brief History on the Flushing Toilet One of the most important rooms in the home or in any building is the bathroom. We visit this room multiple times each day and it’s the room that most people hate cleaning. In this room there is an essential item – the toilet. This piece of equipment […]

    July 27, 2015

    3 Most Common Homeowner Plumbing Issues Having a plumbing system that works well, is extremely important. Over time, components wear out and things need replacing. Sometimes these common plumbing issues can be a DIY effort, but most times it pays to hire a professional plumbing company, like TitanZ Plumbing. Here are a few of the […]

    July 13, 2015

    If you are looking for a new washing machine or you are just interested in knowing how your washing machine works, you are going to find the following information very helpful. We are going to go over how your washing machine works and what is involved in the parts of a washing machine so that […]

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