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    13 Plumbing New Year’s Resolutions

    January 1, 2019

    The new year is a great time to make resolutions and to have things done that you wouldn’t do otherwise. One of the things that you should do is to make some resolutions for your home’s plumbing system to make sure that it’s in good shape for the new year. Below are 13 new year’s resolutions for your home’s plumbing.

    Schedule Water Heater Maintenance

    Think about the water heater in your home. Do you remember the last time you had someone come out and give it a checkup? Your water heater will need regular flushing so that buildup and sediment is cleared out of it. If you don’t remember the last time that you have had this done, put it on your plumbing New Year’s resolution list. When you contact your plumber to have this done, ask that they do a maintenance check to ensure that it’s working the way it should.

    Have Your Plumbing Inspected

    Do you know exactly how well the plumbing in your house’s functioning? The best way that you can know is to have it checked thoroughly by a plumber. This will help you ensure there aren’t any hidden problems or leaks that are ready to show themselves. If you’ve never had an inspection of your plumbing, it’s something that you should do now.

    Promise to Quickly Resolve Plumbing Problems

    One of the major mistakes that people make when it comes to their plumbing is that they put plumbing problems off. If you’ve noticed noises, a continuously running toilet or leaks, you shouldn’t put it off. This is just going to make things worse. Immediately call a plumber so that the issues can be addressed.

    Warm Up Your Pipes

    One of the biggest problems that people have, when the weather turns cold, is their pipes freezing. So you want to make sure that you’re warming up your pipes. Otherwise, your pipe could burst and cause a lot of pricey damage. Wrap insulation around your exposed pipes and this will help keep your pipes from becoming frozen and bursting. You also can consult with a plumber to find out about winterizing your pipes.

    Don’t Waste as Much Water

    One problem that a lot of people have when it comes to their plumbing is that they waste water. So reducing water waste is a good resolution to make. You can do this by turning off your faucet and installing faucets and toilets that are energy efficient. Not only can this help with lowering water bills but it also can help with protecting the environment.

    Put a Water Filter In

    Even though there’s a lot of drinkable clean water in the United States, there are things that should be filtered from our water. Things such as dirt, unhealthy chemicals and sand often are found in our water. Whether you are looking for something that can separate the sand to help with keeping your faucets, water heater and drains sediment free or you simply want to get rid of the chlorine in your shower, filtered water is going to taste delicious!

    Take Good Care of the Garbage Disposal

    A lot of people put the wrong things in their garbage disposal. Things such as fats, fibrous foods like banana peels and celery and bones shouldn’t go down into it. you also should remember that you want to rinse your disposal after you’ve used it so that you prevent unpleasant smells in the home.

    Stop Putting Everything Down Your Toilet

    There are only certain things that should go into your toilet – toilet paper and human waste. Everything else needs to go into the trashcan. Wet wipes, hair, tissues, cotton swabs, and sanitary supplies should go into your trashcan. When you flush the wrong things, it can lead to plumbing problems like serious clogs.

    Prioritize Plumbing Maintenance

    For most people, the time that they think about the plumbing system in their home is when there’s a huge problem. The issue with this is that when they wait until there’s a huge problem, it usually costs more because it’s gone for so long. But if you do the regular maintenance it’s going to help with avoiding a lot of those problems. From routine inspections and drain cleaning to maintaining your water heater, inspecting it for leaks and a lot more, there are a few things that a plumber is able to do to help with keeping the plumbing system in your home working well.

    Get Guards for Your Drain

    Spending a couple of dollars is going to help you with saving a lot of money in the future. Putting drain guards on your drains is a non-invasive and cheap way that you can keep the things that cause clogs from going into the drains.

    Pay Close Attention to the Quality of Your Water

    Are you noticing that your hair, hands, and skin are becoming cracked and dry? It could be just the cold weather, or it could be something in your water. It could be that you have hard water and that you will do well to install a water softener or water filtration system.

    Have Your Water Tested

    One of the things that you should know is what is in your water. So you want to have your water tested so that you know what it contains. This can help you know if there are problems with your water and what you can do to help it be healthier.

    Have a Plumber

    If you have never had to call a plumber before, chances are that you don’t know who you should call if there’s an emergency. So you want to research the plumbers in your area and choose one so that you know who you’re going to call when you need them.

    These are 13 things that you should do to help your plumbing system keep working the best way that it can. Doing these 13 things can help your home’s plumbing keep working well for you and help you avoid costly problems and repairs.

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