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    5 Signs Your Toilet Should Be Replaced

    January 3, 2018

    A toilet is one of the most important things in your home. But sometimes it needs to be replaced. How do you know when it’s time for the ‘throne’ to be ‘dethroned’? Below are five signs that it’s time to get a new toilet.

    1. Your Tank Has Cracks

    If you’re frequently seeing puddles around the toilet, don’t think it’s just a leak. There could be cracks in the tank and you may need a new toilet. You can call a plumber to see if it’s repairable. If it looks like your toilet is working right, and it’s flushing well, it’s not running, and it’s not clogged, but you see water around its bottom, you could have cracks in your bowl.

    2. The Toilet’s Old

    No matter if you have a properly working toilet, if it’s been there for years chances are it’s ready to be replaced. The older toilets aren’t as efficient and this means your bills could be higher than they need to be. If the toilet is from 1994 or earlier, it’s time to replace it. It’s a good idea to consider one that has the dual-flush technology. This means when you have liquid waste you can use a partial flush and when you have solid waste you use a full flush. This lets you use less water.

    3. You’re Feeling it Wobble

    If your toilet is wobbling or rocking, there is likely some kind of problem and you should get in touch with a plumber so that it can be evaluated. Even though you might be able to tighten up some bolts, your floor beneath the toilet might be rotting or damaged and it needs professional repair.

    4. It’s Always Needing Fixing

    If you find that you’re always having to call a plumber recently to have the toilet repaired, chances are that you need to buy a new one. You’re going to probably save money and have a new toilet to boot.

    5. Your Bowl is Round

    Even though there isn’t anything wrong with having a round bowl, replacing the round one with one that is elongated is a good idea to consider. These bowl types are often more comfortable when compared with the round ones since they have more room for sitting. It also will stay cleaner and allow fewer smells to escape.

    These are five of the signs that you want to look for a new toilet. It’s best to start looking for one before a small problem becomes a big problem.

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