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    5 Tips for Fixing a Leaking Toilet

    November 7, 2017

    A leaking toilet is a big problem, and if it doesn’t get fixed it can cause a lot of damage. Below are five tips that you can use to help you when you have a leaking toilet.

    1. Have Two Important Things on Hand

    A really common reason a toilet is leaking is because the water supply lines are not tight or it hasn’t been sealed properly. Even though you have to replace your inlet water line sometimes, there are a lot of times when a leak is fixable using some Teflon tape and your adjustable wrench. You should be sure you have this tape inside your toolbox along with a little adjustable wrench. Most of the time, you can fix it with these two tools.

    2. Don’t Overtighten Your Connection Fittings

    It’s important to remember that even though it may seem that tighter is better when it comes to a seal, that’s not always the case. In fact, it rarely is. When you’re repairing or installing a new water inlet hose, make sure that you’re not overtightening your compression nut fittings. This will also apply when you’re installing a new flapper fitting or flush valve. When connecting these kinds of fittings, they should be tightened by hand and then you want to use your wrench so you can turn it an extra ¼ turn. Your plumber’s putty or tape you’re using for your connection is going to give that seal, rather than a lot of torque on your fitting or nut.

    3. Find Your Leak With Food Coloring

    If you’re suspecting your wax ring at your toilet’s base is bad and that’s the reason it’s leaking, this can be confirmed easily with food coloring. Even though there are dyes on the market that can be used, they’re costly and food coloring is going to work perfectly. For checking a leak with the wax ring, put a few food color drops into your bowl, then flush your toilet. If there is food coloring visible on your floor in a few minutes, this usually means you need a new wax ring.

    4. Check an Old Toilet

    If you have an older toilet, chances are that it’s the two-piece design and the tank and bowl are connected with two bolts. If you have an old toilet that is leaking and it’s at the tanks base, it’s possible to save money by fitting your bolts securing the two pieces with brand-new rubber washers.

    5. Use Some Flange Supports When Your Flooring’s Rotted

    If you’ve discovered your toilet’s wax ring has to be changed, you should inspect your flor around your toilet flange. If you are noticing floor rot or water damage, put on some flange supports under your flange. They’re just metal plates which slide beneath your flange, helping provide your floor with extra protection. This is going to help you avoid ripping your floor out due to water damage, due to a leaking toilet.

    A leaking toilet is something that almost everyone has at least once in their life. With these tips, you can fix the problem and know what to do if it should happen again.

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