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    5 Tips for Choosing a New Toilet for Your Home

    June 1, 2018

    Did you just buy a new home and in the market for a new toilet? There are a lot of toilets that you can choose from. Below are five tips that you can use to find the right toilet for you and your family.

    1. Choose the Best Height

    A toilet usually will come with a comfort height and standard height. The standard is the one that you’re usually used to, and the comfort is one that is 2-3 inches higher. Unless you have small children using the toilet, the comfort height toilet’s the one that is most comfortable.

    2. Think about Dual Flush and Water-Saving Toilets

    These days, the most water amount that toilets can use when it flushes is just 1.6 gallons. If the toilet you’re replacing is old, there is a good chance that it’s going to be more efficient. But if you’re really looking to decrease how much water you use, think about one that is made for conserving water or one of the dual-flush toilets. The dual-flush has its low-volume for those times when you’ll need just a small amount of water and the standard flush for when you need more flushing power.

    3. Choose Between One or Two Piece

    The two-piece toilets have separate bowls and tanks and they’re the usual toilet that most homes use. These function very well and a lot of people are happy with them. But there are some who prefer the one-piece models. These have their tank and bowl fused into one unit. The one-piece models are a lot easier to clean and they offer a very sleek look and smooth profile that some prefer.

    4. Select a Shape That Will Fit Your Bathroom

    There are elongated or round bowls. As their names imply, the round bowls are pretty round and are great for the smaller bathrooms. The elongated bowls have an oval shape and they’re 2-3 inches longer when compared with round bowls. Those who have the elongated bowls say they’re more comfortable.

    5. Understand the Various Flush Mechanisms

    It used to be just gravity flush toilets in the home. These types of toilets use water weight for providing the power needed for flushing. This is a simple flushing mechanism, so the toilets don’t need a lot of maintenance and they’re great for a lot of people. But toilet manufacturers started looking for some ways to save water and they found some new ways that they could make flushing power. This resulted in pressure-flush or assisted-flush toilets. These types of toilets work with air to up the flushing pressure. This means you have a more efficient, powerful flush.

    These are five tips that you can use for finding the right toilet for your needs. You want a toilet that’s going to be comfortable, efficient and work best for your household. These tips will help you with doing that.

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