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    Are Water Leaks Costing You Big Bucks?

    December 9, 2015

    Are Water Leaks Costing You Big Bucks?

    Are Water Leaks Costing You Big Bucks?

    Did you know that a running toilet can waste as much as 21,600 gallons of water per month and $2,100 per year?

    Hidden leaks around the house or in exterior infrastructure can drain your water supply and cost you big bucks on monthly bills. If you suspect a leak, follow these steps to figure out where all that water is going and how to stop it.

    1. Check Your Meter

    Your water meter should have a leak detector that moves to indicate unwanted water usage. You can check this or read the meter, wait about an hour without using any water, then read it again. A change could indicate the presence of a leak.

    Should you find a problem, shut off the water to your home from the main valve and go have another look at the leak indicator. An exterior leak will cause it to continue to move while no movement suggests a leak inside the house.

    2. Check Your Toilets and Faucets

    Faucets and toilets are the most obvious sources of indoor water leaks. Check faucets for drips or water seeping out around the seams of fixtures. Toilet leaks can be assessed by putting a few drops of food coloring into the tank when the toilet isn’t running and waiting to see if the color shows up in the bowl.

    3. Check Your Supply Line

    Leaks may develop in the water supply line between the water main and your meter or between the meter and the house. The presence of water in the meter box or consistently wet soil where the line emerges from the ground are good indicators that a leak is present. Contact your utility company if you suspect a supply line leak. Depending on the location, it may be their responsibility to fix it.

    4. Check Your Front / Back Yard

    Even if the supply line is fine, there could be other problems underground. If you spot sinkholes, potholes, heaving or cracking pavement or random wet spots around the yard, it’s likely that there’s something wrong. Seeing rust or dirt when you run water indoors or experiencing sudden loss of water pressure are also common signs of a leak.

    Finding a leak is only half the battle. Once you know where the water is going, contact us at TitanZ Plumbing. We’ll send out one of our plumbing specialists to evaluate the leak and get it fixed right away so you can stop paying for water you aren’t using.

    5. Check Your Water Bills

    Even though you might suspect a water leak one of the easiest things to do is compare ear to date bills. Sometimes your water use can be seasonal. Perhaps at certain times of the year you have a lot of house guests, flushing, washing and using more water than usual.

    6. Check Your Pool

    Does your pool have an automatic fill switch? Its possible you have a hairline crack in your pool thats causing your system to run more than usual.

    Additional Reading: CNBC, US News

    Hiring a Pro

    Many plumbing issues might seem like an easy fix for DIY homeowners, but often there are jobs that should be left to the professionals. Sometimes an easy and cheap fix can be complicated by somebody who does not have certified training.

    Don’t turn a cheap fix into a real problem by trying to do things yourself.

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