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    A Guide to Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Running Well

    August 23, 2016

    A garbage disposal is a great appliance for your kitchen. It helps to reduce the trash and it grinds up the extra food that is left over. But sometimes it can stop working and cause a problem.

    The thing to do is to know how to keep it running well so that you can avoid these problems. Below we will talk about some of the things that you can do to keep your garbage disposal running well and some things to avoid putting down it to help you avoid problems.

    Tips for keeping your garbage disposal running well

    • Keep it Clean – Pour some dish soap into your garbage disposal and turn it on. Allow it to run for about a minute or two with cold water when you are done washing dishes.
    • Regularly use it – When you are frequently using it, this prevents corrosion and rust, makes sure that all of the parts remain moving, and keeps obstructions from happening.
    • Use Cold Water – When you are grinding up food, run the cold water. This is because the cold water is going to solidify oils and grease that are in the garbage disposal. This means they’ll be able to ground up before they get to the trap.
    • Grind certain materials – Small fish and chicken, small pits from fruits, egg shells and other small hard items will create scouring and will help with cleaning the walls of the disposal unit.
    • Cut up big items – When you have something large that you want to put into your disposal, cut it into pieces that are smaller, place them in your disposal individually rather than all together.

    Things to Avoid Grinding

    There are certain items that can damage your garbage disposal or cause clogs, so these are items that you shouldn’t put down into your garbage disposal.

    • Non-food items such as glass, paper, plastic, metal, and cigarette butts.
    • Anything combustible
    • Fibrous items like celery stalks, artichokes, corn husks, and onion skins, since they can become tangled and jam up your motor along with blocking your drain.
    • A lot of potato peels since the starches in them will create a paste. This paste will be thick and could cause your blades to become stuck.
    • Expandable foods such as rice and pasta will expand in the garbage disposal just like they do in your pot.
    • Large bones of animals such as pork and beef.
    • Coffee grounds since they can accumulate in your pipes and drains and cause a clog.

    How to keep it smelling good

    There are some times when your garbage disposal is going to get an odor that isn’t quite pleasant. So here are some tips for keeping it smelling good.

    • Citrus fruit treatment – Once in a while, put an orange or lemon into your disposal. The juice and oils from the peel and fruit will clean the disposal’s walls naturally and make a long-lasting, fresh scent.
    • Vinegar – Freeze some vinegar in your ice cube tray and run them down into your disposal. This is going to keep the blades sharp and safely kill bacteria that causes odor.
    • Baking soda – If you have a really stubborn odor, pour some baking soda into your drain and allow it to sit for a few hours before you run your water and your garbage disposal.


    These are just some of the things that you can do to help your disposal keep running well. If you follow these tips, you are sure to have your garbage disposal keep working well for years.

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