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    Does Your Home Have a Slab Leak?

    January 11, 2016

    Does Your Home Have a Slab Leak?

    Does Your Home Have a Slab Leak?

    A slab leak refers to a leak in your plumbing system under your concrete slab or houses foundation. In short it means your plumbing is leaking under your property foundation.

    It is important to catch a slab leak early on before it causes much more damage to your home and costs you much more money as well.

    Many homeowners who unknowingly endure slab leaks for long periods of time discover the problem only after cracks have begun to appear in their homes’ structural walls. In the worst-case scenario, a broken window might finally alert you to the problem.

    How Do Slab Leaks Happen?

    Unless your house is on a raised foundation, its quite likely your plumbing is buried under poured concrete. If you have visited a construction site and seen with pipes coming gout of the ground those are plumbing pipes.

    Despite the use of new non corrosive materials, many homes and businesses were built using a more natural material like metal or copper pipes. Over time those natural materials are prone to corrosion.

    Below are a few of the more common ways that your plumbing can develop a leak:

    Soil Corrosion: Older homes with metal pipes can suffer from slab leaks due to soil and mineral corrosion. Underground pipes make contact with soil on the exterior of the pipe and water on the inside. Creating the perfect breeding ground for corrosion form both the inside and outside of the pipe.

    Foundation Vibrations: Bad joints and lack of coupling adhesion can lead to abrasion at the joints, leading to faster and higher volume leaks. As water travels through plumbing, vibrations, expansion and contracting may cause the pipe to rub against concrete, gravel, rebar, or other pipes depending on the construction.

    Shifting Ground: As your homes concrete foundation settles it can shift. While not typically noticeable to the naked eye, slight movements can have drastic effects on your plumbing. If not insulated correctly you could have a serious water leak.

    Construction Defect: Pipes need to be spaced and insulated properly in order to avoid being crushed or creased. Many times a crushed or creased pipe can be repaired without a full repipe of the home.

    Human Error: The main culprit of foundation and slab leaks comes from human error. All of the items listed below can be limited and prevented with proper training and experience in plumbing field.

    Why Are Slab Leaks Dangerous?
    There are common and serious problems with a water leak under slab. Inside your property, you may notice:

    • Waterlogged carpet or ruined floors
    • Odor
    • Growing mold
    • Foundation destruction
    • Damaged yard

    How to Fix A Slab Leak
    Below are a few critical steps to fixing your slab leak.

    • Contact an expert: Don’t work with a buddy to find the problem. This could cost you more in the long run.
    • Find the leak: Leverage leak detection technology to locate your leak.
    • Discuss the cause of the leak: Figure out why the leak started in the first place. This will help to better repair the problem for good.
    • Discuss your leak repair options: Know what you and your family are getting into. Some leaks might require chipping up your foundation and turning your house into a construction zone.
    • Work with plumbing professionals: Nothing saves time and money like experience. Don’t put your home in the hands of weekend warriors or traveling craftsman.

    Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Slab Leaks?

    According to the Law Dictionary, in general, homeowner’s insurance policies pay for water damage caused only by sudden and catastrophic leaks. When they arise gradually, devastating slab leaks are liable to be ignored. But it would still be worth it to discuss the matter with your homeowners insurance company.


    We know this sounds all doom and gloom, but a leak can cause some serious issues. If you suspect one, take the necessary steps. First contact a leak detection specialist, like TitanZ Plumbing. We can diagnose and fix your problem effectively fixing your slab leak from causing your home foundation and health damage.

    Hiring a Pro

    Many plumbing issues might seem like an easy fix for DIY homeowners, but often there are jobs that should be left to the professionals. Sometimes an easy and cheap fix can be complicated by somebody who does not have certified training.

    Don’t turn a cheap fix into a real problem by trying to do things yourself.

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