• Leak Detection and Repair

    For any leak detected in your Southwest Florida home, TitanZ Plumbing is the answer to repair it. Here at TitanZ Plumbing, we use the most modern technology and equipment to find and diagnose any leaks found in your home.

    Leak Detection

    Leak detection is often an overlooked service, but also one that can be the most detrimental to your home. Undetected leaks can cause a plethora of problems. Effects of undetected leaks in your home include:

    • Mold
    • Structural Damage
    • Electrical Issues
    • Sewage Issues

    Leaks are generally only able to be found by professionals, unless they are present in obvious spots. Leaks can be found in places that you would never think to check, and that is why leak detection is necessary. Places that leaks can be found include:

    • Water intrusion in roofs
    • Under concrete slabs and asphalt
    • Landscaping Irrigation systems
    • Behind walls
    • HVAC systems
    • Attics / Roof

    Leak Repair

    Once we have found the leak, our professionally trained technicians at TitanZ Plumbing will work to repair the leak in the most timely manner possible. We have a multitude of tools and equipment that can be used for any kind of leak found in your home.

    There are generally certain types of leaks that our leak detection services are called for. These types of leaks include:

    • Underground Water Service Leaks
    • Water Heater Leaks
    • Concealed Pipe Leaks
    • Slab Leaks
    • Sewer and Waste Pipe Leaks

    If you are unsure if you need our leak detection service, give us a call today. We will be able to diagnose the situation to give you the best advice to save your family time and money.

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