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    Why You Might Need to Repipe Your Home’s Plumbing

    February 10, 2016


    Why You Might Need to Repipe Your Home’s Plumbing

    If your home was built with galvanized pipes, it might be time to think about a repipe. A lot of homes in Florida were constructed using galvanized plumbing which can erode and rust after an extended period of time. This is due to the contact your pipes could have with organic matter like, dirt, dust, mud and water.

    Signs that your plumbing could be clogged with rust and minerals include your appliances are filling with water slower, your shower pressure is low, higher water bill, or you might notice a brown tint to your water when you turn on the faucet.

    The main problem is your galvanized pipes are starting to show signs of rust, gunk and mineral deposits that will sooner than later result in a foul smell, low water pressure that could be unhealthy to drink. You could also develop cracks in the pipes that could result in mold, rot and possible damage to your home or business.

    If you’re in this situation you may need a repipe.


    A repipe is when a licensed plumber removes your current leaky, corroded plumbing system and upgrades it to a copper or PEX plumbing system. While this is not something fun or exciting, it can improve the safety and quality of your real estate investment. It could even save you a bill from a ruined home form extensive water damage due to leaky pipes.


    Step 1: The first ting Titanz Plumbing does is to inspect your property for signs of damage, access your whole house plumbing needs and provide our clients with a written quote. Normal repiping projects include upgrading your rusted and corroded piping with hard copper or PEX for both hot and cold water supply systems. Your homes drain and fixtures will probably not need to be replaced but over time your corroded pipes can damage your appliances and your hot water tank.

    Step 2: Hire a plumber and prepare for a construction site in your home. You probably need to make arrangements to be water-less in your home for an extended period of time. Your Titanz plumber will discuss how to care for your furniture and belongings during the repiping.

    Step 3: Depending on the size of your house, will remove the pipes in your home one area at a time after carefully opening walls and ceilings to remove the old corroded pipes.

    Step 4: Once you get the green light from the plumber on the installation, we will perform a system test and any unknown leaks will be fixed.

    Step 5: Titanz will have a drywall specialist on hand to repair your walls. They will perform the final button-up that will return your home from a construction site to a home.


    Not many home owners would say that a repipe is a pleasant experience but the consequences of not replacing damaged plumbing can be disastrous. Harmful water, foul smells, bad water pressure, and hidden leaks are harder to live with versus getting the job done right by a qualified contractor.

    Hiring a Pro

    Many plumbing issues might seem like an easy fix for DIY homeowners, but often there are jobs that should be left to the professionals. Sometimes an easy and cheap fix can be complicated by somebody who does not have certified training.

    Don’t turn a cheap fix into a real problem by trying to do things yourself.

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