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    Save Money & the Environment With Water Efficient Fixtures

    April 17, 2015

    Save Money & the Environment With Water Efficient Fixtures

    Save Money & the Environment With Water Efficient Fixtures

    There are many benefits to reducing the amount of water that we use in Southwest Florida. As well as helping conserve as well as protect the vital water supply of your community, you can also save energy and money when you save water.

    Based on the EPA if the US, if all the households in your SWFL city and in the US installed appliances and fixtures that are water-efficient, we would save over 3 trillion gallons and over $18 billion each year.

    When you conserve water in Southwest Florida, you are also conserving energy since energy’s used for treating, delivering, and heating water. If just one person out of the 100 in Lee, Charlotte and Sarasota County used water-efficient fixtures, it would save approximately 100 million kilowatt hours each year, and avoid a staggering 80,000 tons of gas emissions, which is equivalent to taking almost 15,000 autos from the road for a year.

    The fixtures that are low-flow have been available for some time. These days, you can also find a low of ultra-low-flow fixtures which conserve a lot of water and don’t compromise their performance. The EPA has a WaterSense program which labels these fixtures that are water-efficient and that were tested and then certified independently to meet the performance and efficiency standards. Along with being about 20% better in water efficiency, these products are also said to do equal or better than their counterparts.

    To choose the plumbing fixtures that are the best and most water-efficient you need to look for the products that have particular thresholds. These sections below outline these thresholds that you should know about when you are looking for toilets, faucets, and showerheads.

    Water-Saving, High-Efficiency Toilets

    A lot of times, toilets are the source of most of the water use and wasting in a home, and it is often almost 30% of the indoor water use of the average home. If your toilet or toilets use over 1.6 gallons for each flush, and this is often the case for the toilets that were installed prior to 1994, you should think about replacing your toilets with one from this list.

    • Ultra-low-flush or high efficiency that doesn’t use over 1.28 gallons each flush.
    • Dual flush – This has a button that allows you to flush less for waste that is liquid and a button that’s higher flush for the solid waste. This kind of toilet’s common in Europe and Australia and it’s becoming a lot more popular in the United States. You can also convert your existing toilet into this type of toilet with a kit.
    • Composting toilet – This uses very little or even no water when you flush it.

    If your toilet is 1.6 GPF, meaning that it was installed after 1994, it’s able to be made more efficient by placing a little bottle full of water and with a cap on, into its tank to create displacement. You should not use a brick since it’s going to erode and this can clog your pipes.

    If you work in an office or commercial building in your town, you can get ultra-low-flush urinals for your bathrooms rather than the regular urinals.


    Taking showers uses about 20% of the water use of the average household. It’s possible to cut the water use of your shower by up to 70% by going to ultra-low-flow showerheads, and this is simple. Even though they are low-flow, you are still going to get a strong pressure when you are using these types of showerheads.

    If you have an efficient or old showerhead which is using over 2.5 gallons per minute, get a showerhead that is high efficiency and that only uses 2 gpm or less. Stay away from the shower towers or the really big fixtures, because they waste a lot of water and can use up to 20 gpm.

    Using showerheads that are ultra-low-flow are going to help you save energy costs through reducing the amount of energy your water heater needs. You can save up to 300 kilowatt hours each year by switching to a more efficient showerhead. That will be enough to power your TV for approximately one year.


    A lot of people in your town and across the United States have inefficient faucets. If you are one of them, you should replace them with faucets that are high-efficiency and don’t have a flow of over 1.5. You can also add a flow restrictor or aerator to your existing faucets.

    Sometimes cities and utility companies offer things like rebates for purchasing plumbing fixtures and toilets that are high-efficiency. You can check with the agencies in your town to see if there are any programs there.

    Another option is choosing appliances that are high-efficiency like dishwashers and clothes washers with the Energy Star logo on them. They will help you save water, energy, money, and the environment.

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