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    What You Need to Know About Water Lines

    April 13, 2015

    Water Lines

    What You Need to Know About Water Lines

    One of the biggest problems that homeowners have during the winter is when they have to deal with frozen pipes and water lines. While we don’t have to worry about this too much in Southwest Florida, the temperature can dip well below freezing levels in the winter months and cause water leaks.

    This problem can be annoying and it also can be very costly. The good news is that there are things that you can do to avoid frozen pipes. Here are some tips that you can use in different situations for keeping your water lines working.

    Things to do to winterize your home and pipes:

    • Insulate the pipes and replace any web insulation.
    • Wrap or cover the faucets that are outside and make sure that you are keeping your wrapping dry.
    • Eliminate the drafts from windows, doors, or cracks that are near to your pipes.
    • Close or cover the foundation vents.
    • Disconnect as well as drain your garden hoses.
    • Check the cover of the meter box and make sure it’s kept closed securely. If it’s broken, missing, or displaced, call your utility. Put on more insulation to help keep it warm.
    • If you live in a mobile home, put trailer skirts on it.

    If the weather forecast says the temperature will be freezing:

    • Allow a fast water drip to run from that faucet that’s the greatest distance from where it’s entering your home.
    • Leave the cabinet doors under your sink open so room heat is reaching your pipes.
    • Find your home’s shut-off valve in case your pipe breaks so that you’re able to shut the water off. This may be outside where the water’s entering the home, inside your garage, or close to your water heater.

    Even though you may do your best to stop them from freezing, sometimes pipes freeze anyway. Here are some steps to take if they do freeze:

    • Call your local utilities using their normal business number or their emergency number so that your water’s cut off at its source.
    • Turn your shut-off valve so that you stop your water. When your pipes thaw, a break may occur so that you lose water and you are losing a lot of money.
    • Never try thawing your frozen pipes using electricity or open flames. This is very dangerous and it might cause damage. It’s better to call a plumber to help you.

    Although we often think about frozen pipes when it comes to problems with water lines, there are other situations which can damage the lines. Below are other reasons lines get damaged.

    Root intrusion

    Roots of trees will grow so that they are heading towards a water source, so they can often penetrate the line and cause a leak. This often happens with the older lines that were there as long as the tree has been or even longer.

    Ground Shifting

    When the ground shifts or moves, water line joints often become dislodged or loosened, which can cause pipes to misalign, collapse, or crack. This happens a lot in the Pacific Northwest and west coast when earthquakes happen.

    Other Extreme Weather

    Along with freezing temperatures, other types of extreme weather can damage your pipes. Even drought conditions can corrode water lines. Even just 10 degrees in the water or air temperature can make stress water lines.

    When the water temperature is 40 degrees or lower can make lines become brittle and the temperature of the air being 32 or less can make the ground freeze. This increases the stress that’s put on water lines.


    As you can see, there are a lot of things that can cause damage to your water lines. If you are careful with maintenance and you are prudent when the weather is colder, you can avoid the problems of freezing pipes. You won’t be able to avoid all problems with your water lines and pipes, but you can help avoid many of them. And we can help you detect water leaks!

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